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Mostly Folk

Artist/ Song/ CD or LP

Sam Weiser/ Jass's Song/ Sam I Am
Jamie Anderson/ Ghost Song/ Better Than Chocolate
Ruth & Max Bloomquist/ Take It Down the Road/ Turn Back a Page
C. Daniel Boling/ Earth Wind Rain & Fire/ He Dreams
Sonia and disappear fear/ Worried Man Blues/ Bood, Bones & Baltimore
Moxy Fruvous/ Michigan Militia/ Live Noise
Nick Annis/ In the Beginning/ Steal the Cow
Heather Bishop/ Hallelujah/ The Art & Music of Heather Bishop
Ewan McColl & Peggy Seeger/ The Ballad of Springhill/ Freeborn Man
Brian Vardigans/ Springhill/ Springhill
Scott Ainslee/ The Feral Crow/ The Feral Crow
Karen Savoca/ In the Dirt/ In the Dirt
Le Vent du Nord/ Le Vieux Cheval/ dans les airs
Cliff Eberhardt/ I Love Money/ 500 Miles
Pat Wictor/ Shake Thewe Blues/ Living Ever Lovin' LIVE
Bill Oliver/ There's This Hill/ Texas Oasis
Rod MacDonald Every Living Thing/ No Commercial Traffic
Faith Petric/ Man Walks Among Us/ Faith's Favorites
Tom Paxton/ When It's Gone, It's Gone/ Songs for the Earth
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ We Belong to the Earth/ Spoken In Love
Red Molly/ Lookin' For Trouble/ James
Ronny Cox/ Catherine/ How I Love Them Old Songs
Grace Griffith/ Water Fire & Smoke/ Every Hue & Shade
Mike Ford/ Talk' Ten Lost Years/ Canada Needs You
Peter Paul & Mary/ Don't Laugh At Me/ Songs of Conscience & Concern
Holly Near/ Planet Called Home/ Edge
John Flynn/ Benediction/ Dragon