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Mostly Folk

Artist/ Song/ CD or LP

Mavis Staples/ My Own Eyes/ We'll Never Turn Back
Matt Jones/ When I Was Young/ Long Walk To Freedom Reunion Concert\
Josh White Jr/ Don't Go Looking For Trouble/ Cortelia Clark
Len Chandler/ To Be a Man/ To Be a Man
Sweet Honey In the Rock/ Fannie Lou Hamer/ Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
James Keelaghan/ McConnville's / House of Cards
Johnsmith/ Scotch Pine/  Sing Out Compilation CD
Justin Adams & Juldah Camara/ Madam Mariama/ Sing Out Compilation CD
Jez Lowe/ Bare Knuckle/ Sing Out Compilation CD   Autumn '09
Oscar Brand/ Something To Sing About/ American Dreamer   (Today was his
90th birthday!)
Tim Grimm/ So It Goes/ Farm Songs
James Gordon / How?/ My Stars Your Eyes
Carrie Newcomer/ If Not Now/ Before & After
John Shipe/ Yellow House/ Yellow House
Pat Wictor/ Shake These Blues/ Living Ever-Lovin' Live
Archie Fisher/ Borderlands/ Windward Away
Runa/ Summerfly/ Jealousy
Greg Greenway/ The Color Yellow/ Standing on the Side of Love
Ellen Bukstel/ By My Silence/ Daddy's Little Girl
David Roth (with Anne Hills)/ That Kind of Grace/ Rising In Love
John Flynn/ Reggie's Question/ America's Waiting
Kim & Reggie Harris/ Wade in the Water/ In the Heat of the Summer
Dave Rowe/ The Music Never Dies/ The Music Never Dies
Heather Bishop/ That Serpent/ Art & Music of Heather Bishop
Terri Hendrix/ Wind Me Up/ Terri Hendrix Live