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Folk and World

This month my Folk and World Features show was composed of Australian performers.  

Wendy Saddington/ Down So Long/ Women 'n Blues
Jeff Lang/ By Face Not Name/ Aussie Croc Pot
Penelope Swales/ Guenevere & the Fire/ Justifying Your Longings to the Doctor
Cast of One Word We/ Banks of Marble/ One Word We
Peter Hicks/ Them Dirty Robbin' Banks/ Our World Is Not For Sale
Margret Roadknight/ Disposable Society/ Green Songs
Jeannie Lewis/ Everybody's Crying Mercy/ Green Songs
Judy Small/ You Don't Speak For Me/ Green Songs
Eric Bogle/ The Road to El Dorado/ Green Songs
Ecopella/ Drip Drop/ Green Songs
Kavisha Mazzella/ Fisherman's Daughter/ Fisherman's Daughter
Cloudstreet/ Time Is a Tempest/ Clouds on the Road
Fruit/ Peace/ Aussie Croc Pot
Iain Campbell Smith/ Radio Bouganvilla/ Bagarap Empires

Mostly Folk

Crowfoot/ Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe/ Footpath
Cheryl Prashker (Pat Wictor)/ When I Go/ It's All About the Drums
James Keelaghan/ House of Cards/ House of Cards
Vance Gilbert/ Goodbye Pluto/ Up on Rockfield
Janet Bates/ The Walls Cam Tumbling Down/ The Little Spinner
John Gorka/ Night Into Day/ So Dark You See
Dave Gunning/ Smith's Rock/ We're All Leaving
Greg Greenway/ Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
Zoe Mulford/ Stock/ Roadside Saints
Mike Ford/ Canada Doesn't Need You/ Canada Needs You
Anne Hills/ Pennsylvania/ Points of View
John Flynn/ Querencia/ To the Point
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around/ Spoken In Love
Rev Rick Hill/ Another Apple's Gone/ See What You Wanna See
James Lee Stanley/ On the Bus/ The Eternal Contradiction
Le Vent Ud Nord/ La Beaute du Mariage/ Par un Dimanche au Soir
Tom Prasada-Rao/ Falling Star/ Hear You Laughing
Peggy Eyres/ Mary Brown Abolitionist/ Cloudsplitter
Sons of the Never Wrong/ Pass It On/ Ona a Good Day ... I Am
Cosy Sheridan/ Hannibal Crossed the Alps/ Live at Cedar House
Pete Seeger/ All Mixed Up/ Live in '65\
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen/ The Highwayman/ What's That I Hear
Martin & Neil/ Tear Down the Walls/ Troubadours of the Folk Era Vol Two
Phil Ochs/ I'm Gonna Say It Now/ In Concert
Tracy Grammer/ Preston Miller/ Flower of Avalon
Ellen Bukstel/ Tikkun Olam, Repair the World/ Daddy's Little Girl
Walter Parks/ Requiem/ Walter Parks