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First, the one hour special that we've added to the folk show, then our
wonderful Mostly Folk playlist

This week features music from the British Isles

Huw & Tony Williams/ The Tolaeth Castles/ Rosemary's Sister
Bruce Davies/ I Ha'e Seen the Heilan's/ w' lichtsome he'rt
Wendy Stewart/ Fotheringay/ About Time 2
Grant Baynham/ First Kiss/ Listen
Little Johnny England/ The Way Things Ought To Be/ Mercs & Cherokees
Steve Tilston & Maggie Boyle/ Here's To Tom Paine/ All Under the Sun
Artisan/ Wannabe/ Our Backyard
Zoe Mulford/ Just Before I Go/ Bonfires
Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies/ Vikings/ Doolally
Battlefield Band/ Three Brothers/ Zama Zama
Les Barker/ Inconsonants/ Arovertherapy
Kate Rusby/ Game of All Fours/ The Girl Who Could Fly
Ian MackIntosh/ When I'm Gone/ Gentle Persuasion

Mostly Folk
Eva Cassidy/ Autumn Leaves/ Songbird
Joel Mabus/ Little Mr. Diddy/ No Worries Now
Richie Havens/ Stardust & Passion/ Wishing Well
Holly Near/ Hattie & Mattie/ Show Up
Tom Russell/ East of Woodstock,West of VietNam/ Blood & Candle Smoke
Liza DiSavino/ Freedom Train/ A Single Hope
Rod MacDonald / For the People/ After the War
Terri Hendrix/ Monopoly/ The Art of Removing Wallpaper
Polish Moses/ I Could'a Been/ Tree of Us
John Gorka/ Ignorance & Privilege/ So Dark You See
Greg Greenway/ Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
Harmonious Wail/ Dark Eyes/ Gypsy Swing
Bev Grant/ We Were There/ We Were There
Buskin & Batteau/ You're Right/ Red Shoes & Golden Hearts
Chuck Brodsky/ Doc Ellis' No No/ Two Sets
Lucy Kaplansky/ Life Threads/ single
Michael Jerling/ How Can People Live Like That/ Music Here Tonight
James Hill & Anne Davison/ Travelin' On/ True Love Don't Weep
John Flynn/ Go Wake a Heart/ America's Waiting
Pat Wictor/ Send You Off In Style/ Temporary
Jen Cass/ Violent Times/ Brave Enough To Say
Ken Whiteley/ Family Tree/ Acoustic Electric
Joe Jencks/ Get Together/ Links In a Chain
Betty & the Baby Boomers/ Ashokan Farewell/ Where the Heron Waits
Steve Goodman/ City of New Orleans/ City of New Orleans
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ We Belong to the Earth/ Spoken In Love