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artist/song/cd or lp

Ian & Sylvia/ Nancy Whiskey/ Greatest Hits
George Mann, Julius Margolin & Friends/ Oil to the World/ Farewell to
the Thief Vol 4
Dan Berggren/ Found My Way Back Home/ Fresh Territory
Karen Savoca/ On the River Road/ On the River Road
John Gorka/ Road of Good Intentions/ Writing in the Margins
Catie Curtis/ The Wolf/ Truth from Lies
Tom Chapin/ We Will Adjust/ Let the Bad Times Roll
Betty & the Baby Boomers/ River Where the Heron Waits
David Ferrard/ The Slave's Lament/ Across the Troubled Wave
Joel Mabus/ Poison in the Glass/ No Worries Now
Runa/ Star of the County Down/ Jealousy
The Hudson River Sloop Singers/ River That Flows Both Ways/ Broad Old
River 2
Woody Guthrie/ Pretty Boy Floyd/ My Dusty Road
Cliff Eberhardt/ I Love Money/ 500 Miles - the Blue Rock Sessions
Si Kahn/ When the War Is Done/ We're Still Here
Marc Black/ I Love You, Rachel Maddow/ sampler
Eva Cassidy/ Autumn Leaves/ Songbird
Josh Joffen/ Crazy Horse/ Sampler
Pat Humphries/ Hands/ What's That I Hear
Jon Vezner/ We Remember/ We Remember
Iona/ An Dro-Voici le Mois de Mai/ A Celebration of Twenty
Chris Pahud/ Deeper Well/ Red Sky In Morning
Joe Jencks/ Joe Hill/ Links in a Chain
Wishing Chair/ Si Se Puede/ Stand Up 8
Malvina Reynolds/ God Bless the Grass/ Held Over
Craig Bickhardt/ Life with the Sound Turned Down/ Brother to the Wind
Beaucoup Blue/ Oh America/ Free To Fall