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Kim & Reggie Harris/ In the Heat of the Summer/In the Heat of the Summer
Marc Gunn/ Lord of the Pounce/ Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
Eva Cassidy/ Fields of Gold/ Songbird
Enoch Kent/ Some Ha'e Meat/ These Times
Grit Laskin/ Soft & Round/ These Times
Bill Garrett & Sue Lothrop/ No More Fish/ These Times
Nancy White/ I Sweep the Sidewalk/ These Times
Evalyn Parry/ Bottle This/ These Times
Rachel Bissex/ No More Songs/ In White Light
Richie Havens/ Stardust & Passions/ Wishing Well
Terri Hendrix/ Wallet/ Left Over Alls
Charlie King & Karen Brandow/ The Money's Gonna Flow/ Higher Ground
Harvey Andrews/ Leaving Home/ The Journey
Pat Humphries/ Swimming to the Other Side/ Same Rain
Nick Annis/ In the Beginning/ Steal the Cow
Andy Pratt/ The Water Is Wide/ Masters of War
Euphonia/ Tear My Stillhouse Down/ The Old Jawbone
Tom Pacheco/ 10 Cent Gas/ Railroad Rainbows & Talkin Blues
Buskin & Batteau/ You're Right/ Red Shoes & Golden Hearts
My Sweet Patootie/ The Dandiest of Dandelions/ Nowheresville
Ronny Cox/ Happy Father's Day/ Songs with Repercussions
Vienna Teng/ In Another Life/ Inland Territory
Chris Kennedy/ Looking for the Lincoln Highway/ Postcards from Main St.
Happy Traum/ Relax Your Mnd/ Relax Your Mind
Jim Photoglo/ Is It Me?/ Is It Me?
Joe Jencks/ Bracero/ Links In a Chain
Les Barker/ Inconsonants/ Arovertherapy
David Roth (& Anne Hills)/ That Kind of Grace/ Rising In Love
Faith Petric/ Rock Me To Sleep/ Faith's Favorites
Mike Agranoff/ Hamlet/ The Modern Folk Musician
Christine Lavin/ Oh, No/ Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
JoshWhite Jr./ Streets of London/ Delicate Balance
Toby Walker/ Mama Keeps Her Kitchen Clean/ Hand Picked
Peggy Seeger/ Different Therefore Equal/ Period Pieces
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen/ Heartland/ Live In Concert
Lou & Peter Berryman/ Broccoli Shy/ House Concert
Galitcha/ J'entends le Moulin/ Celebration Ble d'Inde
Bill Harley/ I Am the Batman/ Mistakes Were Made
Tom Paxton/ Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation/ Best of Tom Paxton
Chuck Brodsky/ Doc Ellis/ Two Sets
Jen Cass/ Violent Times/ Brave Enough To Say
Magpie/ It's a Pleasure to Know You