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Artist/ CD/ Title
Terri Hendrix/ I Found the Lions/ The Ring
Billy Jonas/ This We Know/ Get Real
Wishing Chair/ Family Man/ The Ghost of Will Harbut
Harry Manx/ Taking It To the Streets/ Jubilee
The Rowan Brothers/ I'll Be There/ Now & Then
Penny Lang/ I Have Been Living With the Blues/ Penny Land & Friends Live
Joel Mabus/ Spoon River & You/ Golden Willow Tree
Christine Lavin/ Wind Chimes/ Sometimes Mother Really Knows Best
Ken Whiteley/ That's When I Need a Song/ One World Dance
David Francey/ Red Winged Blackbird/ Torn Screen Door
Treasa Levasseau/ Low Fidelity/ Low Fidelity
Les Barker/ The Phoenix/ Up the Creek Without a Poodle
The Weavers/ Goodnight Irene/ Troubadours of Folk Era Vol. Three
Josh White Jr/ My Grandmother's House/ Delicate Balance
Diana Jones/ Cold Grey Ground/ My Remembrance of You
Magpie/ Wash Our Spirits Clean/ In This World
Lowen & Navarro/ Writing on the Wall/ Folk Scene Collection
Harmonious Wail/ Dark Eyes/ Gypsy Swing
Pat Wictor/ That's the Way It's Gonna Be/ Sunset Waltz
Kim & Reggie Harris/ All My Relations/ In the Heat of the Summer
Laura Bird/ When It Comes My Time/ The Water In Between
Greg Greenway/ Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
John Forster/ In the Closet/ Helium
Cosy Sheridan/ Happiness Is Waiting/ Eros
Tanglefoot/ Secord's Warning/ The Music in the Wood

Reflection on war segment - so powerful to listen to!!!

Grit Laskin/ The End of a Pointed Gun/ Unabashedly Folk
Tom Pacheco/ Memorial Day/ Best of Tom Pacheco Vol. 1
Eric Andersen/ White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land/ The Street Was
Always There
Faith Petric/ Grandma's Battle Cry/ Faith's Favorites
John Flynn/ No More War/ Two Wolves

Mavis Staples/ Eyes on the Prize/ We'll Never Turn Back
David Roth/ Streets of London/ More Pearls
Susan Werner/ Our Father/ The Gospel Truth
Camille West/ Getting Raptured/ Diva's Day Off
Magpie & Kim & Reggie Harris/ How Long/ Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
Nickel Creek/ Sweet Afton/ Nickel Creek
Pat Humphries/ Hands/ What's That I Hear
Jon Vezner/ Who Am I Gonna Be/ We Remember
Bob Gibson/ How Could You Do This To Me/ Stops Along the Way
Kathy Mattea/ Coal Tattoo/ Coal
Tom Rush/ Circle Game/ Troubadours of Folk Era Vol %2o
Magpie & Kim & Reggie Harris/ How Long/ Freedoms Is a Constant Struggle