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Oct. 5, 2008]
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 3:02:03 PM


Artist/ Song/ CD

Ray Campi/ Merle's Boogie Woogie/ Ray Campi with Friends in Texas
Linda Allen/ October Roses/ October Roses
Eric Bogle/ The Golden City/ Small Miracles
Lila Downs/ El Quinto Regimiento/ Spain In My Heart
Rick Fielding/ Voices of Struggle/ Lifeline
Claudia Schmidt/ Stop To Rest/ Wings of Wonder
Nightingale/ La Belle Rose/ Three
Eric Andersen/ Thirsty Boots/ 'Bout Changes and Things
Cheryl Wheeler/ If It Were Up To Me/ Sylvia Hotel
Dan Berggren/ Found My Way Back Home/ Fresh Territory
Red Dirt Rangers/ KLeave This World a Better Place/ Starin' Down the Sun
Joel Mabus/ Holding to the Land/ Retold
Charlie King & Karen Brandow/ The Money's Gonna Flow/ Higher Ground
Danielle Miraglia/ Say One Thing/ Nothing Romantic
Marc Gunn / When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling
Red Molly/ Annabelle/ Never Been To Vegas
Mike Cross/App Rap/ Best of the Funny Stuff
Ellen Bukstel/ By My Silence/ Daddy's Little Girl
Kathy Mattea/ L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore/ Coal
Tom Pacheco/ There Was A Time/ Demo
Jim & Jean/Crucifixion/ Changes
Shannon Lambert-Ryan/ The Singer-The Butterfly/ Across the Pond
Chuck & Albert/ a la claire fontaine/ demo
Rod MacDonald/ Song of My Brothers/ White Buffalo
The Kennedys/ Give Me Back My Country/ Better Dreams
David Roth/ Libstick on the Mirror/ Practice Makes Progress
Greg Greenway/ Standing on the Side of Love/ Standing on the Side of Love
John Flynn/ Dragon/ Dragon
Rani Arbo/ O Death/ Gambling Eden
Eva Cassidy/ Autumn Leaves/ Songbird
Sonia/ Is There Anybody Here/ What's That I Hear

Live in studio interview with David Celia and Michael Holt (with Chris
Banks on bass)

Evidently True
I'm Not Texan
This Isn't Here
Trees (Michael Holt)
The World's My Home (Michael Holt)
She's a Waterfall

Pat Wictor/ Simple Christmas/ demo
Enoch Kent/ Itches In My Britches/ One More Round
Magpie/ Bound For Freedom/ Give Light